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Stuff people think about photographers/stuff people have said to me:

Friends Will Work for Free – No. I’m not a starving artist. And as a friend I’d expect you wouldn’t ask this because as much it may seem like a “little” job, it can take hours to edit a couple photos. This is not including shooting or printing.

They’re over paid - We don’t get paid by hour like most others. If we did, at minimum wage an 8 hour wedding would be just over $800. Now think about how long it takes to edit and to print. The screen and printer don’t see the same colouring.

Better Equipment Means Better Photographs – No. I’ve seen a photographer take beautiful shots on an iphone. I’ve also seen someone use a expensive camera on auto and are doing as well of a job as they do when they use their cell phone.

You’re coming to this event can you bring your camera - Yes I could. But don’t ask me this unless you plan to pay me for the photos you are thinking you’re getting because, this makes me aware of the fact that you don’t respect me, my work, or even respect my rights to enjoy whatever event it is.

If It’s a Striking Photograph, It Must be Photoshopped – So the next time I eat something at your house and it’s good, should I assume you have a professional chef?

They’ll Be Grateful for the Work and Work Cheap – Actually no. If someone asks me to work for cheap or free, I know that they don’t respect me, let alone my work.

I Know a Guy Who Can Do It Much Cheaper – Yeah this may be true. But you are paying for someone who knows what they’re doing, and loves shooting. You are paying for quality. That goes for every job. You will never regret paying for a professional.

And finally, the one everyone says:
Can I get all of the digital files - No. I understand others give them away. But I don’t. A photographer I worked for said it best; if you get digital files you think oh I’ll print them myself or whatever, but in reality, you look at them, put a couple on facebook, then stick them in a drawer and never look at them again. A print, you get it because you want it. You want it in your house and show it off to everyone that comes in. Just because others give you this option does not mean I am obligated to give them.

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